Student Management Software

Simplify Student Management with Active Network

Active Network's student management software helps educators stay organised and keep up-to-date with all of their student information stored in one certralised, user-friendly, automoted online system.

Starting today you can:

Send your students to a custom website for online class registration
Securley collect student enrollment fees online
Manage student information and accounting reports from any computer
Manage student fundraising campaigns with integrated online donation tools
Improve student/parent communication with built-in email management tools

Our technology can help any public, private or specialty school more efficiently manage the administrative tasks that come along with student registration, student fee processing, student peer collaberation and teacher-parent communication. Take Active's student management software for a free test drive and see how we can help you spend less time shuffling paperwork and more time focusing on your students!

Student Management Software

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People using our services

"It’s been amazing. I won’t be leaving ACTIVE anytime soon. ACTIVE’s technology is secure, we’ve never had a security problem. ACTIVE is always trying to get better and that’s important to me."

Jason Crowther, Managing Director, Atlas Multisport