Product Guide: Tennis Tournament Planner

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Part 1: How to Set up An Account in Tournament Planner

Key Features/Costs

  • Easy to use for both Tournament Directors and Players!
  • Online registration enabled automatically when your tournament is published
  • Only cost is a per registration processing fee of 6.5% plus $1 (minimum $4)
  • Processing fee includes all credit card charges, in addition to full access to Active system for reporting, emarketing and web site tool
  • Support available from Active Melbourne office

Active Online Registration Via Tournament Planner Step by Step Setup Guide

Online Registration set up steps

Tournament Director
Active Step 1 – Create an Active User Account
Create an Active user account HERE
Go to the Account Tab > Account Information and click Edit to complete all 3 sections (* Note, in Billing Contact Information you will be asked to enter a valid credit card to verify your account. This credit card is a security measure and will in no way be ever charged. If you have any concerns in regards to this please contact the Active Network on 03 8862 6358 or email
**Please also note that the next section you will complete, Account Defaults, is where you will enter your bank account details that will ensure your registration fees are paid on time each month )
*** The above steps only needs to be completed the first time you publish a tournament from TP Tournament Director

Tournament Planner
Step 2 – Publish and View your Tournament
Open TP and create your tournament by going Tournament>New
Publish your tournament from TP by going Internet>Publish
When you get to the ‘Payment’ tab enter your Active account Username and Password, in addition to listing your preferred credit card descriptor (CC descriptor). This is important as it will dictate what players see on their credit card statement after they register and pay for your tournament. (*Note, please only enter 18 characters in this field as this is all that banks display on credit card statements) Check that your tournament published correctly to the TP site by clicking ‘View this tournament on the web’ in the left hand menu of TP

Tournament Director
Active Step 3 – Market/Promote your Event!!
Log in to your Active Account by going to and clicking on client log in (Once logged in to your account you will see the various tournaments that you have published).
Go to the Email Invitations tab at the top and follow the prompts to create an email contact list and an actual email to promote your tournament.
** Note you can send unlimited emails from your Active account at no charge.
** Full instructions on how to use the Email Invitations tool (including instructional videos) can be found at Alternatively, contact the Active Melbourne Office on 03 8862 6358.

Players Tournament Planner
Step 4 – Player’s Entering online
Players access your tournament home page and click on the Enter online button (Players complete the entry process and their payment is processed)
Players receive 2 confirmation emails: Confirmation Email 1 comes from Active and confirms the player’s payment
Confirmation Email 2 comes from TP and confirms the player’s overall registration
(** Note, as a Tournament Director you should always pretend you are a player and go through the online registration process once your tournament is published, just like you would closely check a hard copy entry form before you sent it to the printers!)

Tournament Director Tournament Planner
Step 5 – Tournament Director Imports Players to TP
Tournament Directors goes to Internet>Entries in TP and follows the quick and easy steps to import all online entries (Each player receives a further email advising them that the Tournament Director has imported their entry).

Tournament Director
Active Step 6 – Accessing Reports
Tournament Directors can access reports directly from TP, but can also access many additional reports from their Active Account. To log back into your Active account go to > Client log in > Enter username and password. Once you are in your Active Account you can click on any of your tournaments and access many different reports. If you have any trouble finding the information you need you should contact the Active office at of 03 8862 6358.

Tournament Director
Active Step 7 – Submit Refunds (if required)
Tournament Directors have the ability to refund players directly to their nominated credit card via the Active system. Instructions on how this can be done will be provided on request. Please note that a processing fee of 6.5% applies to refunds so you should take this into account when you set your tournament refund policy.

Part 2: How to Use the Email Tool


Topic: How do I create an Email Invitation?

Before you create and send an Email Invitation, you will need to create a Contact List. If you do not already have a Contact List you wish to use, follow these steps.

Once you have created a Mailing List, you are ready to create your Email Invitation, follow these steps:

  • On The Email Invitations tab, click the Create Email Invitation link.
  • Complete the Email Basics fields. Select the Event you sending the invitation for, and the Contact List you are sending the invitation to. If you are sending a second invitation to a single event, the When sending another invitation email to the same Contact List for the same event, only send the email invitation to recipients who have not already registered or who have not declined the RSVP option becomes available. Selecting this option will insure that people who have already registered for your event, or declined a previous RSVP, will not receive the email.
  • Click the Next button.
  • Choose the Theme you would like to apply to your invitation. Select the Same as Registration Form theme to make your invitation match the colors you have selected for your registration form. If you wish to use no theme, or apply your own styling, select the Blank theme. Once you are satisfied with your selection, click the Next button.
  • Create the body of your invitation email, or select from the pre-made Content Templates available on Body menu, located on the left. You will notice that the content of the last few invitations you created is also available on the left, below the Content Templates. If you would like to save the content you have created for use in a future email, click the Save as Content Template link. Once saved, your content will be availble in the Body menu.
  • Once you are finished with the content of your invitation, click the Next button.
  • Review the email preview, and send yourself a test email by entering your email address and clicking the Send Test Email Now link. If you notice formatting or layout issues with your test email or preview, click the Previous button to return to the Content step. 

  • Once you are satisfied with look of the test email and/or preview, click the Next button.
  • Select your preferred delivery method, or choose to save the invitation as a draft.
  • Agree to the terms and click the Save & Close button to complete the Email Invitation.

Additional Details

The only clicks that are tracked are clicks on supported merge code links. You can add these links to your email content by either selecting the desired merge code from the Other Merge menu, or by typing the code itself directly into your email content. The supported links and their corresponding merge codes are:

  • Link to Register Page: /*RegisterLink: Click Here to Register for this Event*/
  • Link to Event Start Page: /*EventURL: Click Here for More Information*/
  • RSVP (Invitation): /*RSVP: Click to Respond*/
  • RSVP (W/ Undecided): /*RSVPU: Click to Respond*/
  • Confirm Registration: /*RegConfirm: Click Here*/
  • Tell-A-Friend: /*TellAFriend: Click to Tell a Friend*/
  • Link to PassKey: /*EventLodging: Book Lodging*/
  • Add to Calendar Button: /*Merge: AddToCalendar*/
  • Link to Invoice: /*Invoice: View Invoice*/
If you manually enter a link ("", for example) into your email content, clicks on that link cannot be tracked.

Part 3: Who to Contact at Active Network

Do you know who to call at Active Network?

Grace Tai
Education: Masters of Pacific and International Affairs from the University of California, San Diego
Languages: Chinese, English, and Japanese
Favorite Animal: Cats
Interests: Scuba diving
Preferred Cuisine: Italian Pasta
Phrase: “You never know.”
You can reach Grace at 1-800-737-632.
Born and raised in Taiwan and New Zealand, Grace has friends from literally all over the world. When she has free time, she likes traveling to exotic places and being outdoors. In Singapore, she likes to eat Bah Kut Teh (Pork Rib Soup) at the local hawker stalls. Her favorite place she has visited in Australia is Sydney. If she gets the chance to return someday, she would like to visit her friend in Brisbane.

Brian Bergey
Education: Studied Business and Psychology at the University of Oregon
Languages: English and HTML
Interest: All kinds of exercise, especially going to the gym and hiking in the mountains
Favorite Animal: Dinosaurs and other extinct ones
Preferred Cuisine: Mexican, Hamburgers
Phrase: “Dude!”
You can reach Brian at 1-800-737-632.
Brian has lived in three US states and on three continents. He continues to visit new countries and places when he has free time. In Singapore, he likes to eat an Indian bread called a Paratha. His favorite place he has visited in Australia so far is the Blue Mountains. If he gets the chance to return someday, he would like to explore the West Coast.

Luke Hammer
Education: Studied Mathematics and Computing at the University Technology Sydney
Languages: English
Interest: Playing all sorts of sports loves soccer, tennis, basketball and going to the gym.
Favorite Animal: Dogs
Preferred Cuisine: Pizza
Phrase: “Awesome!”
  • Lived in Sydney his whole life.
  • Lives on Cronulla beach and loves the surf
  • Plays as much sport as possible
  • Favorite place in Australia is Cronulla beach
You can reach Luke at 02 9006 1381 or 0414 699 443.

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